Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I have been so excited for spring. Spring means everything starts blooming, which means icky pollen. Thank goodness this Spring I haven't had as much problems as other people. But I love the how everything is blooming. We had such a hard winter that I am glad to see things beginning to show color.

Since it is spring I have been doing some spring cleaning. Mike and I have been hard at work to do things around the house (no he doesn't live with me). Last Saturday we decided to have a day javascript:void(0)were we did some fixing up. I had bought a new toilet so that was first on the list, next was some new lights for the bathroom, and sometime it was time to do some yard work. We totally got all this done and were exhausted. The next day we decided that the trash from all this work we had been doing since I bought the house needed to be put outside. We put the dryer that broke, a fan, 5 lights, a fan, a toilet, a shower rod, a ugly curtain and a chair. I figured the first thing to go would be the chair. It was a good looking chair and most people can use a good chair. With in the 1st house a couple stopped and looked through all the stuff on my lawn and the took the broken dryer, shower rod, and 2 lights was the first thing to go. I was shocked. Well an hour later an older man stopped and started looking. He took all the lights, the ugly curtain, the fan, the TOILET SEAT, the toilet bowl lid, and last but not least the (EEEWWW) AN OLD TOILET BRUSH!!! That was so gross. Well nothing else left that night. The next day by the time i got home the chair was gone. By the time Mike got here at 6 that night the TOILET WAS GONE! I couldn't believe it, but you never know what will be another person's treasure.