Thursday, March 25, 2010


So the past few days have been so pretty! Wednesday the high was almost in the 70's it was wonderful. We needed... .well i needed that! I needed sun. Sun just makes you feel so much better. Also seeing all the beautiful flowers. I have pretty flowers growing right beside my house! I can't say enough that it just makes me feel better. I was so depressed on Monday when they were calling for snow. We have had so much snow the year that I am ready for warm weather. I was so scared I was going to get stuck at home again. I love being at home for a little bit of time, but when I am here all alone I become depressed and start over thinking things ( I mean really over thinking things). But thank goodness that there is warm weather coming. It makes the world just seem so much more. I did hear that we are suppose to get more snow at the end of the month, well according to the farmers almanac! I hope it's wrong. I hope everyone enjoys all this wonderful weather! :-)

Friday, March 19, 2010

all time pet peeve

Everyone has a pet peeve. I have several. For example one is when someone wears black pants and white socks. Oh my that really just makes me want to scream. Another one is not telling the truth. I really hate that. But my big one is being ignored or feeling like i am being ignored. Last week and this week i have called several people and they have either not answered or hardly spoke to me when i called. If i called them and they didn't answer I left a voice mail and they didn't call me back. You know i am sorry but i hate that and people know that. IT really bothers me when people are rude. I mean seriously does it take a whole lot to call back in a few hours. I usually have something i have to say to the person and that is why i called. Oh i thought of a better one. They call you but you can't answer so you call them back and they don't answer and they don't call you back. This is what bothers me and this is how i felt from most of my life this week. I feel like i am not wanted and no one wants me. I feel like people are just telling me things to make me feel good because they really don't give a you know what about me! it really bothers me.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Beach

So the weather is starting to get warmer and it makes me want to do one thing. It makes me want to go to the beach. I keep dreaming of the beach. I love the sand and the salt water. I want nothing more than to walk up and down the beach and feel the sand between my toes. The beach is the best place. It always makes every once of your body feel better (or at least mine). I am so hoping that we get spring break so I can go to the beach, if only for a day or two. A change of location is sometimes the best thing anyone can have. What do you all think? How does the beach make you feel?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crack me up... more snow!

I can't help but laugh about the snow! We have had so much snow this year it's unreal. I don't ever remember getting this much snow. SO the best thing i know to do is laugh when things are crazy so here are some jokes I found about snow.

Where do snowmen go to dance?

How do snowmen travel around ?
By iceicle !

What's an ig?javascript:void(0)
An eskimo's home without a loo!

What do snowmen eat for lunch?