Thursday, March 25, 2010


So the past few days have been so pretty! Wednesday the high was almost in the 70's it was wonderful. We needed... .well i needed that! I needed sun. Sun just makes you feel so much better. Also seeing all the beautiful flowers. I have pretty flowers growing right beside my house! I can't say enough that it just makes me feel better. I was so depressed on Monday when they were calling for snow. We have had so much snow the year that I am ready for warm weather. I was so scared I was going to get stuck at home again. I love being at home for a little bit of time, but when I am here all alone I become depressed and start over thinking things ( I mean really over thinking things). But thank goodness that there is warm weather coming. It makes the world just seem so much more. I did hear that we are suppose to get more snow at the end of the month, well according to the farmers almanac! I hope it's wrong. I hope everyone enjoys all this wonderful weather! :-)

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