Friday, March 19, 2010

all time pet peeve

Everyone has a pet peeve. I have several. For example one is when someone wears black pants and white socks. Oh my that really just makes me want to scream. Another one is not telling the truth. I really hate that. But my big one is being ignored or feeling like i am being ignored. Last week and this week i have called several people and they have either not answered or hardly spoke to me when i called. If i called them and they didn't answer I left a voice mail and they didn't call me back. You know i am sorry but i hate that and people know that. IT really bothers me when people are rude. I mean seriously does it take a whole lot to call back in a few hours. I usually have something i have to say to the person and that is why i called. Oh i thought of a better one. They call you but you can't answer so you call them back and they don't answer and they don't call you back. This is what bothers me and this is how i felt from most of my life this week. I feel like i am not wanted and no one wants me. I feel like people are just telling me things to make me feel good because they really don't give a you know what about me! it really bothers me.

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