Monday, February 1, 2010

Impending Ice

Seriously more ice is coming! I think I would be ok if we got more snow. At least you can drive on snow. Speaking of driving, my little ion is doing rather well in this mess at the moment. I almost didn't make it up Tuscola hill today because of ice. I was very smart and tried again at a different angle and put it low and made it quite safely up the hill. One of my friends at work almost didn't make it into the parking lot. Bless her heart! I felt horrible. She kept spinning around and around. Her child was cracking up in the back seat, she was not. SO we shall see what tomorrow morning holds for us! eeeekkkk

One a more lighter side my things for camp are slowly coming together. I have applications done and now I am working on some other things. But God sure is showing me this is the place for me. I have heard from several people the past few days about helping at camp. They have told me how much they are praying for me and are willing to help. It's a totally blessing, and I am so glad that God is showing me that is right place for me. I just need help with Camp ideas, ie. which Bible stories I should use. Camp crafts, games etc! Any body have any ideas?

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